In “The Shakedown Society,” James DeCicco pulls back the curtain on a world where trust is on life support, and the game is undeniably rigged against you. Brace yourself for a no-holds-barred guide that doesn’t just shed light on the challenges but arms you with the information and grit to conquer a system hell-bent on exploitation and obstruction.

Dive into the harsh consequences of existing in a society where trust is a rare commodity. Despite the relentless grind of systemic exploitation, discover how you can overcome barriers to personal and financial triumph.

Through James DeCicco’s signature blend of unfiltered narratives and in-your-face advice, grab hold of a resilient mindset, snatch back your agency, and paint a vivid vision of success that transcends the boundaries of a rigged game. This book is your personal battle plan for kicking ass and claiming meaningful prosperity in a world where the odds may be stacked, but victory is your birthright.



About the Author

James DeCicco is an American entrepreneur, speaker, and author in technology and finance. He is an expert on personal success psychology and business owner with several successful company exits to his credit. His latest book, “The Shakedown Society” reveals the decaying promise of meritocracy in America and how to leverage informed ambition to win in a rigged economy. For more information visit