For your next event, bring in James DeCicco: A powerful, dynamic presenter who will inspire your people to action. His stories of rising above the challenges in the world of Hollywood entertainment the insights he shares will touch the hearts of your people while it shifts their beliefs about success and motivates them into action.

James is a rapidly rising expert on the psychology of prosperity and success. He gets to the root cause of blocks, doubt, and inactivity and shows people how to overcome these stops and break through! His inspiring message is exactly what people need to move from status quo and apathy and into action that gets positive results. You will see the positive results, both immediately and sustainably into the future!

James customizes the program for your company, products and situation. His thought-provoking stories and interactive methods will touch your group in a uniquely personal way.

James’ specialty is a proprietary guided visualization that has proven long-term success in those that have experienced it. Get on booking James right away as his schedule is filled months in advance.

Interactive and content-rich programs that inspire and deliver results!


Multiple Streams:
The Power of Little Sticks

The economy has forever changed and a new paradigm must be adopted in order to prosper from here on in. James will use metaphor and methodology from his experience of camping in the Angeles Crest mountains in winter to inspire your team about how to model your thinking after the laws of nature.

This program will show you and your team how to increase resourcefulness, maximize their prospects and increase their overall production.

What Business
are you Really in?

This dynamic program will show your people how to clarify their true identity so they can create a compelling vision for themselves. They will uncover their existing beliefs and shift them into a meaningful present time program that they can then align their actions with everything they think and do.

James will also share how the concept of “false purposes” can short out your success and through interactive dialog, will lift your team one by one out of disempowering subconscious programs and into powerful new identities that they can draw lasting strength from, dissolving old barriers away for good.

This powerful keynote will teach your people how to re-frame their own subconscious identities and adopt a current blueprint — which leads to greater productivity and better results. When you want your team invigorated, fired up and feeling powerful — this is the program to book.

Millionaire Mindset Intensive:

The Millionaire Mindset Intensive is designed to immerse the group in mapping specifics about their core beliefs on money, relationships and core business principals. Participants will complete exercises that will reveal in a very personal way just where they stand in their lives in key areas and gain incredible insights, usually on the spot and it’s common that realizations are shared out loud with the group. The crowning jewel of this intensive is James’ proprietary guided NLP visualization process that will transport each individual through the timeline of their life and bring them to present with an explosive and passionate outlook for the future. A minimum of 25 participants is required for this module. The investment for this is a flat rate of US $25,000, plus travel, A/V requirements, and accommodations.

All keynote programs are available from 60 to 90 minutes based on your needs and can be custom titled to match the theme of your event.

For details on how James DeCicco can awaken the power of your team, contact us online or call 510-995-6851

Investment Schedule:

Keynote Speech  — US $15,000
Full Day Millionaire Mindset Intensive — US $25,000


Because James has to change itineraries frequently, booking requires a full-fare, refundable, First Class airline ticket. If we can combine the travel to or from another event, we will prorate the costs for you. In addition you provide accommodations at a five-star hotel, ground transfer, and meals.


For security purposes, Mr. DeCicco’s hotel reservations should not be in his name. We will provide you with a pseudonym to use. For events of more than 1,000 people, it is necessary to have security personnel posted in front of the stage.

There must be a green room with bathroom facilities located behind the stage without access to the general public. There needs to be a secure backstage entrance with car and personnel to get him in and out of the venue. Please do not publicly disclose Mr. DeCicco’s arrival and departure times, air carriers, etc.


You may record James’ presentation on audio or video for internal use in your organization at no charge. However, if the recording is to be sold, there is an additional charge of 50% of the speaking fee for audio recordings and 75% of the speaking fee for video recordings. Audience members may photograph or record James at their pleasure and he encourages them to do so

Consulting Services:

Please Contact us for professional coaching packages. Private Consultation is available upon request.

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